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Alternative Energy: Global Trends

Alternative Energy in Auto Manufacturing: The Global Nudge

The world has recognized and reacted to the need for more alternative energy sources. Customers are looking for greener, more environmentally friendly products and governments are looking for ways to preserve their natural resources while employing their populations. Alternative energy is the solution. No industry has experienced a shift as dramatic as the auto industry…

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Auto Parts

Parts: The Hybrid Motor’s Gift to the U.S. Economy

Hybrid motors are showing up in many of the new car models rolling off the assembly line today. In addition to boosting the automotive industry out of the financial crisis that they suffered in 2008, the hybrid motor has also revived industries that once thrived off of gas powered motor production. Motor parts production suffered…

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The Evolution of the Hybrid Motor

The hybrid motor is the latest in a long line of innovations within the auto industry. However, it is the first to threaten the longstanding reign of an auto industry staple – the gas motor. The upset seemed to happen overnight, but the evolution of the hybrid motor actually began back in the early days,…

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Utilizing Your Customer Service Department for R&D

Hybrid motors, conveyor systems, and packaging materials are just a few of the products and equipment that Eagle Technologies Group, and companies like us, manufacture. Ultimately, we make the equipment used to produce the products you use every day. However, our equipment, machinery, and the products produced by them don’t always come problem-free. That’s why…

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Fall Into Hybrid Motor Winterization

Last week, we wrote about the effects of cold weather on hybrid vehicles. This week, we’d like to follow that story up with some tips on how to actually prepare your hybrid for the coming cold winter months. The companies who work in hybrid motor manufacturing care greatly about how those motors perform after they…

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The Chilling Effects of Cold Weather on Hybrid Motors

September usually ushers in the season of Fall in Michigan, the infamous home of the auto industry. However, the industry’s current popular cars, those powered by hybrid motors, may experience a little trouble running in the great state that gave us the American automobile. Hybrid motors do indeed have difficulty functioning in cold weather, the…

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Using Hybrid Batteries in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

There are two major types of hybrid batteries in existance for use in hybrid electric vehicles – lithium ion (Li-ion) and nickel metal hybrid (NiMH).  Many battery subcategories can be found within each. NiMH batteries were the primary battery source for hybrid vehicles until a few years ago. Today Li-ion batteries are being tested and…

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Hybrid Motors 101

Hybrid motors are all the rage these days with BP’s Oil Spill fiasco teaching many of us the perils of gasoline fuels.  There are many advantages to using a hybrid motor in your car, but even more when using using such a motor in your factory. What is a Hybrid? A hybrid motor uses two…

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