We build the custom machines that automate factories across the world. From high-tech robotics to advanced product testing capabilities, we offer end-to-end manufacturing solutions for every industry.

The standards expected of automated manufacturing have never been higher. With the increasing intricacy of global supply chains, the introduction of smart technology, and steadily rising levels of product sophistication, meeting market demand requires an unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and continuous improvement.

As suppliers of automated manufacturing machinery, Eagle Technologies is considered essential to the American economic infrastructure. First and foremost, we are here to serve our customers. Only through listening to their needs and requirements can we deliver the solutions that allow them to clear the high bar of customer expectations.

As special machine builders we accomplish this through a combination of core values and assets that set us apart as leaders in our industry.


Our manufacturing roots date back to 1953, when we started in the tool and die industry. Since then, we have continued to expand our expertise as a company by broadening the industries we serve, recruiting knowledgeable engineers, and educating ourselves about new technologies.

We are also strong believers in experience cultivated through our in-house apprenticeship program. For years, this four-year training program has allowed us to grow talent from within our organization, so that our team members gain experience with our customers alongside their professional development.


We offer manufacturing solutions that are at the forefront of emerging technologies. Our knowledge of advanced computational tools, interconnected devices, and 3D printing helps us develop machines more efficiently, and to a higher standard than previously possible.

These technologies also offer improvements to our advanced testing capabilities, allowing more detailed analysis of the final product.

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As engineers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve every aspect of our process, from project management, to design, manufacturing, and testing.

We accomplish this through regular “lessons learned” debriefings of major projects, semi-monthly Kaizen meetings where our teams identify marginal changes that can build toward lasting improvement, and even 3rd-party consultants who help us streamline our processes. We believe our dedication to continuous improvement is a critical factor in our success.


Timeliness is one of the most important factors for our customers. We understand that any delay on our part can set off a domino effect in their production schedule, which undercuts manufacturing output and damages investor trust.

This is why we are so proud that 97% of our projects are delivered on time. We know that a reliable delivery date helps our customers get their factories up and running quickly, which in turn allows them to respond more quickly to market demands.

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When you commit to a multimillion-dollar contract with a company to supply the machinery that powers your manufacturing, you want to know that company will have the longevity to stay with your business for decades to come.

We have remained a consistent presence in the field of manufacturing automation for nearly seven decades by diversifying our services across a range of industries so that no matter the economic climate, we are positioned to respond to market demands.


We offer locations around the globe, from the heart of American manufacturing in the Midwest, to our EV demo machine at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Center in San Jose, and a new installation and support center in China.

Our main manufacturing locations in Bridgman and St. Joseph, Michigan, are strategically positioned along the Chicago–Detroit corridor, offering over 280,000 sq. ft. of engineering space with extra-wide bays and overhead clearance for crane operations. Our in-house capabilities include machining, welding, sheet metal, electrical build, tooling assembly, pipe fitting, and painting, giving us complete control from start to finish. 



Eagle Technologies has provided turnkey automation systems for decades. Learn more about our history by watching this corporate video filmed in the 1980’s.


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