From picking and placing to inspection and assembly, our advanced robotics technologies are capable of complex material handling tasks without the need for operator intervention.

Combining Automation Technology with Advanced Robotics

All our automation technologies are enhanced when used in concert with precision robotics. Our machines can dispense adhesives and sealants, weld electronic wiring in place, deburr components, place pieces onto a conveyor belt, and load them into a tray for shipping.

Meanwhile, our vision-guided technology allows for more advanced tracking and verification capabilities, while also improving worker safety.

Automated Robotic Assembly and Verification

Robot automation allows for complex coordination between systems, leading to efficient, high-speed assemblies. Our robotics technology has been used to assemble complex electronics, heavy machinery, and even products made with volatile substances.

Visioning technology, with built-in cameras and integrated scanning, expands the range of robotic capabilities. Sensors allow robots to identify components, spot manufacturing errors, and track each piece as it moves through the assembly process.

6-Axis Pick and Place Technology

Moving components from one conveyor system to the next, or preparing them for the next stage of assembly, requires precisions lifting, orienting, and positioning. Using high-tech sensors, our advanced robotics can lift and rotate parts along six axes for exact placement along the assembly line.

Our robots can handle picking and placing at high speed, even with delicate or fragile components. The result is a fully-automated system that can transport every piece of your assembly from start to finish.

Specialization for Electric Vehicle Assembly

Our expertise in the field of electronic vehicles qualifies us to build even the most advanced EV assemblies. In fact, our EV demo machine, on display to visitors at our facilities in Bridgman, MI, demonstrates how our robots work in conjunction with our automation technologies to manufacture complex parts.

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