Eagle Technologies will be the best source of innovative, solution-driven assembly, test, and process applications.

As manufacturing industries continue to transform, Eagle Technologies will lead the way by being the first to adapt new technologies that offer demonstrable value for improving efficiency, incorporating new processes, reducing waste, and lowering manufacturing costs.

Primary Excellence Goals:


Attract, hire and retain performers.


Teamwork that produces cost effective effort and decisions.


Provide exceptional service and communications to our customers.


Develop new and grow existing customer base.


Responsible business practices.

We owe it to our customers to run a healthy company with long-term viability. It is only through strategic, cost-effective growth decisions that we can maintain our high standards of service and continue developing innovative manufacturing technologies.

Our Company

Exceptional customer service.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive service program that includes proactive maintenance, process improvement, and uptime optimization. We will reduce the burdens placed on your maintenance personnel through our own timely service and expert repairs.

Our Services

Dedicated team members.

We recognize that achieving our goals can only happen through the hard work of our team. It is our priority to attract, hire, and retain employees who not only display the expertise required in for the work we do, but also embody our values of dedication and service.

Our People