The world of consumer goods is vast and varied. We’ve worked with manufacturers of furniture, household appliances, home electronics, and even vision technology. See how we can help you.

One of the greatest challenges of manufacturing for consumer products is the sheer range of materials and processes involved. We have designed machines that can lift concrete floor tiles and assemble complex electronics, dispense adhesives and friction seal balance rings, stack products and load them onto pallets for shipping. Talk to us about your product, and we’ll manufacture a machine that can assemble it from start to finish.

Our specialization in vision technology has kept us at the forefront of the industry for over twenty years. From molding contact lenses to automating optical labs, we provide optical manufacturing solutions with crystal clear results.


Food production must meet FDA sanitation and hygiene guidelines regulated by the FDA. Our automated systems are designed to include high temperature and high pressure washdowns, along with full documentation support. Whether you need a machine to dispense pie filling or stack frozen hamburgers, our automations can be relied upon to perform each task safely, cleanly, and efficiently.


Safely producing, bottling, and packaging beverages requires the same care and attention to food safety regulations as food production, but with an added challenge in that now the ingredients are liquid. Our automations can efficiently bottle, package, and palletize beverages while meeting all the necessary FDA protocols.


It’s not just food packaging and single-use disposables. Consumable products have hit record highs over the past two years, as the pandemic has increased demand for some products, such as wet wipes, and created a whole new category of consumer goods, such as face masks. At Eagle, we can develop automations that will scale your product so that your business can respond quickly to changing market needs.


Cosmetics, skincare, shampoos and conditioners, and cleansing products do not have to pass the same FDA regulatory process as food and beverage manufacturing, but consumer quality standards are high nevertheless—especially for luxury brands. Our automations have the portioning, dispensing, and packaging capabilities necessary for personal care products, and we can build automated product testing into our system to ensure quality.


Our eyes may be getting worse as we get older, but Eagle Technologies has a clear vision in optical production technology. From molding contact lenses to automating optical labs and Eagle has been at the forefront of vision technology for more than 20 years. From simple conveyor applications, to fully automated process solutions, Eagle has provided them all over the world.

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