For decades, contact lenses have provided consumers with a comfortable alternative to eyeglasses. However, contact manufacturing requires sophisticated technology to produce these flexible, delicate, optically precise lenses. Without equipment to shape, measure, and polish the contacts, production would be much more arduous and costly.

Eagle has been at the forefront of lens manufacturer for over twenty years. Our technology allows operators to automate several key processes. Our capabilities include shaping the contact lens using a digital lathe, dispensing polish paste, and rotating the lens at high speed to achieve a superfine finish. We can also design manual workstations to help technicians perform tasks more ergonomically and efficiently.

Just as important as manufacturing lenses is the ability to test them. Each contact must be as thin as possible, while still providing the corrective power to bring the wearer’s vision back into focus. With little room for variation, we have devoted ourselves to implementing test points at key stages of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and accuracy.

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