As one of the largest and most technologically advanced industries in the United States, the healthcare sector relies on automation to fill the demand for medicine and medical devices. We are here to help.

Our experience in the healthcare industry falls into roughly two categories: the dispensing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, and the production and testing of medical devices. In each case, we go above and beyond to deliver automated machines that achieve class 10,000 clean room standards, and meet GAMP and FDA regulations.

From mail order pharmaceuticals to contact lenses, disposable devices to surgery kits, implantable heart pumps to plasma collection equipment, we can design and test automated processes to meet the intense demand the health industry faces every day.


Renal Collection – When it comes to collecting and working with human blood, it comes down to flexibility and quality. Flexible assembly and test systems, capable of handling a large variety of product variation, are critical to the companies who manage the blood supply. Variations in population and various government regulations force the variety into the manufacturing area. Along with it comes a crucial attention to quality and data collection at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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The medical industry is often broken into two parts: recognizable, brand-name firms who pioneer research and development, and the contract manufacturers who produce those products at scale. For these partnerships to work effectively, contract manufacturers must be able to give their contracting firms accurate estimates, and the firms must trust the manufacturers to deliver high-quality products.

At Eagle, we work with both sides to develop manufacturing solutions that can be delivered on time and on budget, while also meeting design standards. Our 97% on-time delivery rate for assemblies is among the best in the industry, largely because of our own commitment to cost- and time-saving technology, and the principles of continuous improvement.


Any device that interacts with the human body in a medical capacity must meet high quality standards to ensure patient safety. However, every person is different, so medical devices must have the flexibility to adjust to biological variations while maintaining the same quality of care.

At Eagle, we’ve devoted considerable attention to developing manufacturing solutions that perform at the highest levels of manufacturing excellence. We’ve also searched for ways to respond to the growing need for custom solutions, so that individualized products can be created with the same efficient processes used to manufacture medical devices at a larger scale. Combined with the latest in Industry 4.0 technology, we can help medical device manufacturers meet the rigorous demands of their industry.Learn More about Instrument Manufacturing


The life sciences industry is under intense pressure not only to discover new, live-saving and life-improving technology, but to scale production of these solutions quickly. At the same time, personalized medicine is creating new opportunities for transformative patient care, while also adding additional burdens to the supply chain.

The remedy lies with Industry 4.0. By implementing solutions such as big data analytics, advanced simulation, and IIoT into manufacturing systems, we can reduce time to market, and help those within the life sciences industry adapt more quickly to market demands.


Our eyes may be getting worse as we get older, but Eagle Technologies has a clear vision in optical production technology. From molding contact lenses to automating optical labs and Eagle has been at the forefront of vision technology for more than 20 years. From simple conveyor applications, to fully automated process solutions, Eagle has provided them all over the world.



Nearly 15 years of experience with major pharmaceutical companies has enabled us to provide a variety of pharmaceutical packaging solutions for both low and high volume applications.

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