Advances in energy technology lead to widespread economic and environmental benefits both for the United States and around the world. As partners in the energy industry, we have played a crucial role in advancing innovation and development in this sector.

We have worked extensively in the green energy field, both in the generation of clean energy, and in improving the capacity of large battery storage. We can work with you to produce a more efficient turbine, design the production of solar energy cells, and engineer a more powerful electric vehicle.

The nuclear industry requires special background knowledge and experience to ensure safe production and performance. We have worked in this sector on projects that include metal fabrications, storage tanks, and fuel rod production. Let us bring our expertise to your project.


Consumer storage systems, such as Generac and Tesla’s Powerwall, are increasingly offering new ways for home owners to reduce their reliance on the grid and invest in sustainable energy. However, battery manufacturers face special challenges in order to safely and efficiently produce battery packs to the desired quality standard.

At Eagle, we employ the most advanced smart manufacturing methods to produce batteries that lead the industry in quality and efficiency. Our EV battery production line combines high speed robotic pick and place technology, magnetic conveyor systems, and integrated cell test and load machines to ensure fast and effective production outputs.


From simple fabrications and storage tanks to fuel rod production, Eagle Technologies experience in the nuclear industry covers a range of applications. We are familiar with the special requirements of this industry and have a proven track record with fuel rod assembly, pellet inspection, and a host of other tasks. Our knowledge base allows us to implement custom automation solutions that meet the quality and safety requirements of the nuclear industry.

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Eagle Technologies provides a range of equipment into this green market segment. Our experience in solar panel manufacturing ranges from basic material handling equipment to cell lay-up machines, and a variety of custom automation. Let us know what your unique requirements are and we will develop a machine tailored to your specific requirements.

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As one of the leading forms of renewable energy, governments and energy businesses around the world are investing in wind farms to bolster their energy infrastructure. To meet the rising demand, turbine manufacturers need more cost-effective ways to build components—especially rotor blade construction.

At Eagle, our advanced automation solutions can improve the quality of your output and increase your manufacturing capacity, all while lowering overall production costs.


Eagle Technologies has been a pioneer in leading edge technologies including the emerging turbine industry.

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