Recreational Vehicle

With lower demand and higher degrees of customization, the RV industry has often faced challenges when it comes to developing efficient automated processes. See how Eagle can rise to the occasion.

The pandemic has caused many unexpected shifts in consumer tastes, not least among recreational vehicles. Since the pandemic has restricted international travel and placed a greater emphasis on time spent outdoors, camper manufacturers have found themselves in the middle of a boom in interest and are struggling to increase production in time to meet it. Meanwhile, the rise of home delivery services has led to a spike in electric scooters, e-bikes, and other alternative modes of inner city transportation.

Recreational vehicle manufacturers need a way to keep pace with demand, and automation is the solution. At Eagle, our decades of experience in the automotive industry mean we are more than ready to develop solutions.


Camper manufacturers have been slow to automate given that each vehicle is built on-demand, with plenty of options for customization. Fortunately, the latest automated technology is well suited to high-mix, low-volume applications. Robots are more versatile than single application machines, and can operate alongside construction workers to assemble camper components. Our Universal Base also provides a portable automation station with interchangeable tooling plates that can be used to assist production processes.


ATVs are a popular sport vehicle for off-road adventurers. They also serve many practical purposes in agriculture and land management, and are an invaluable aid for government workers or state park rangers who need to cover large areas of rugged terrain. Meanwhile, snowmobiles are often a necessary form of travel in regions that see extreme snowfall each year. As factory automation experts, we can design assemblies for ATV manufacturers that will help them respond to the recent surge in demand and overcome future labor shortages.


Motorcycles are a perennial favorite among recreational vehicle purchasers. However, there is a growing interest among many consumers in transportation methods that take up less space than a car while also providing an eco-friendly way to travel short distances. Eagle has invested in industry-leading technology for electric vehicle battery assembly, which makes us an obvious automation partner for e-scooter and e-bike manufacturers.