Electronic and autonomous vehicles are providing an opportunity for businesses to rethink transportation. We are here to deliver transportation automation solutions, whether you’re moving cargo across the country or passengers across town.

The transportation sector is a crucial part of our national infrastructure. Whether you are moving people or products, it is essential for transportation to be reliable, durable, and efficient.

At Eagle Technologies, we have decades of experience working with the best-known names in both the aerospace and automotive industries. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities, contact us today.


The technology powering electric vehicles is now efficient enough to power even the heavy vehicle industry. Moreover, advances in autonomous driving technology have caused many to speculate that trucking might no longer depend on human drivers. Our automotive expertise has given us insights into both EV manufacturing, and the world of autonomous driving. We can work with your engineers to create assemblies that feature the latest technology.


Direct-to-home services are no longer the exclusive domain of Amazon and other parcel services. Instead, more and more local businesses are poised to handle the last mile of delivery through automated technology, such as drones or mobile robots. At Eagle, our experience in both the aerospace industry and using mobile robots in our assemblies means we have just the skillset needed to develop last mile delivery technology.


Some situations require unique transportation methods. In these situations, we are happy to work with your team to create an automation solution to meet your need. No project is too niche for our team.


In most cities around the country, buses remain the primary form of public transport. Many cities, hoping to create a greener fleet, are transitioning toward electronic busses. Eagle Technologies has invested in industry-leading technology for automated EV battery manufacturing, on display at the Rockwell Automation’s Electric Vehicle Innovation Center in San Jose, California. When it comes to the EV battery automation, we haven’t just partnered with pioneers in our field—we are the pioneers.