They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, but that hasn’t stopped automotive manufacturers from redesigning every aspect of their vehicles from the ground up every three to four years. Iteration on this scale doesn’t happen on its own.

We have worked with automotive manufacturers from around the world at every stage of the manufacturing process. Whether you’re an OEM or a supplier, we can talk through your needs to ensure your factory is up and running in time to fulfill production schedules.

Our experience in the industry covers every stage of development, from prototypes to testing. We have worked on nearly every component, including chassis assembly, fuel and engine systems, powertrain, interiors, and HVAC systems. We have even launched a special innovation center in California specializing in electric vehicles. Contact us to learn more.


High Output/Low Mass motors are the new standard to meet today’s challenging Hybrid and Electric Vehicle requirements. At Eagle Technologies, we have utilized our extensive automotive experience to develop new manufacturing solutions for some of the industry leaders of this new generation of motors. Let us help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

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For decades Eagle Technologies has been a leader in North America for powertrain assembly systems.  Our experience in assembly and test systems is unmatched.  From camshafts to transmission pumps, Eagle can provide the equipment and solutions for your application.

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Eagle Technologies is suited to meet any of your interior and safety applications.  Our engineers have extensive experience with nearly every component whether it be glass for consumers or automotive windshields and side lights.

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Providing assembly and test equipment to meet the challenges that HVAC systems pose can sometimes be difficult. Plastic parts with complex features that require assembly and test that are often difficult to automate. Eagle Technologies has the experience in providing HVAC assembly and test systems to a wide variety of customers. Whether you are looking for a lean palletized assembly system with poke-yoke process monitoring or a fully automated line including automatic functional and vibration testing as well as full system data collection Eagle Technologies has the experience to provide a solution to meet your toughest demands.

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Our portfolio of automotive component experience includes Fuel Systems from molded fuel tanks to precision fuel injector assembly. These assembly systems included precision measurement and select fit assembly to 0.2 microns / 40 millionths of an inch requiring environmentally controlled atmospheres and precise material handling. Other processes include laser welding, pressing, swaging, in-process validation, mass spec leak and functional testing, all with traceability of materials and processes to ensure the highest quality control.

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The ride and handling of your vehicle depends upon quality chassis components and assemblies just as your manufacturing processes depend upon quality manufacturing equipment. Eagle has been manufacturing high quality chassis component assembly and test equipment for decades. From lean manufacturing stations and fixtures to fully automated production lines we have the expertise and experience to develop just the right solution for your manufacturing needs.

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The driveline is responsible for transferring power from the transmission all the way to the wheels. Each interlocking gear and shaft must be milled and welded with precision, to ensure the assembly withstands the wear and tear of the road. Our factory automation can get you there.

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