Responsible for transferring the output of mechanical power from the transmission to the driveshaft, differentials, axel shafts, and wheels, the driveline is a deceptively complex piece of machinery. Each component requires precision engineering so that the interlocking gears can perform smoothly without loss of power or traction.

From milling to friction welding to advanced robotic pick-and-place materials transport, our driveline automation capabilities can produce and assemble each driveline component. We can build machines that fabricate individual parts, or systems that assemble these parts into a complete driveline.

Our advanced testing for driveline encompasses verification checks for the components themselves, as well as stress and NVH tests for the final assembly. We know that a badly constructed driveline can contribute to the poor handling of a vehicle, as well as passenger discomfort. We’re here to ensure everyone has a smooth ride.


  • Axles
  • RDU & FDUs
  • Dual Clutch Transmissions
  • EV Drive Units
  • Half Shafts
  • CV Joints
  • Steering Systems
  • Differential Assembly
  • Clutch Assembly

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