Universal Base

Perfectly-suited for low-volume manufacturing, our universal base provides a compact and affordable solution for producing components or assembling goods in small batches.


Factory automation has typically required large amounts of capital to invest in large, single-purpose machines designed to produce thousands of components a week. 

Our universal base houses the most expensive hardware components, while our interchangeable tooling plates can be custom-built for your specific production requirements.



  • Full custom automation is too expensive
  • Production doesn’t run five days a week
  • Has several automated tooling needs


  • High-cost hardware built into base
  • Program-specific custom tooling plates
  • Easy to position and dock
  • Universal, ergonomic, and ambidextrous


  • Affordable manufacturing automation for small production runs
  • Reduced overhead costs and low capital expenditure
  • Expandable functionality with new tooling plates


Our universal base has been ergonomically designed to include electric height adjustment, ambidextrous controls, touch screen operation, an operator fan for comfort, and LED lighting. The HMI is on a swivel arm for easy positioning, and is height-adjustable independent of the base so you can set it to the most comfortable sight-line.

The universal base is also built to be easily moved and docked. The operator panel includes well-lit controls and a pushbutton panel that can be easily positioned along the base rails. There is additional space along the back panel for accessories, which can be built according to customer specifications.

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Our tooling plates can be swapped out in less than a minute, making it easy for you to change fixtures throughout the day. The universal base comes equipped with standardized control packages to make setup and configuration quick and efficient.

The PLC control system includes Ethernet-IP connectivity, power outlets, programming ports, serial interfaces, and predesigned options for screw driving, leak testing, and part marking. Valves are prewired and plumbed, ready for configuration to your application. We have even included a courtesy airline to keep your work surface clean.

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Universal Base Features Include: 

Bulkhead Connectors

  • Pneumatics on the fixture
  • Discrete I/O on the fixture
  • Serial on the fixture (BCR)
  • Analog on the fixture
  • Other user requirements


Control Package

  • Allen Bradley Standard
  • CompactLogix PLC
  • Panelviewplus 700 HMI
  • Ethernet-IP connectivity
  • Serial to E-net gateway
  • HMI controls Fan, Lights, Height
  • Numatics Valve Manifold with Eight valves
  • Rotary Disconnect
  • Courtesy Outlet
  • Programming Port
  • Locking Casters
  • Fork Truck Tubes
  • Painted to your specification
  • Pneumatic lockout
  • Filter, Regulator, pressure switch

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