Businesses around the world depend upon reliable logistics to make executive decisions about their company’s direction, respond to consumer demand, and deliver products on time. Automation offers the solution.

Global supply chains are encountering challenges of unprecedented proportion, from shipping disruptions to labor shortages to a lack of reliable data. Factory automation can help logistics companies on every front, by digitizing inventory, introducing advanced robotics into warehouse management, and incorporating Industry 4.0 track and trace technology into product management.

Eagle Technologies can help logistics companies deploy mobile robots that work alongside warehouse operators. Our solutions include environment scanning technology to keep workers safe, and AR devices that can assist operators in managing automated systems.


Parcel services must sort hundreds of thousands of items a day, without error, to ensure they reach their intended destination according to the optimum route. Robotic sources equipped with visioning technology can read package labels, pick and place parcels for weighing, and then sort them into the correct category for transportation.


For logistics companies providing less-than-truckload (LTL) services, automated services can include robotic pallet loading, product sorting, and freight management. Combined with Industry 4.0 technologies, automation can also reduce processing time, eliminating hours of paperwork per day.


The ecommerce industry has ballooned in size over the past decade, with each year seeing significant growth over the year previous. Dropshipping is a significant driver of this change, as it allows small businesses to manage online storefronts while partnering with warehouses to handle inventory and order processing. Today, fully-automated warehouses have demonstrated proof of concept, with mobile robots able to locate, handle, and trace items on shelves.


Big box stores with large distribution centers have a lot to gain from automated systems that can process incoming shipments, store products, and retrieve them from the shelves when needed. Our automated warehouse solutions can help businesses improve the speed at which each of these steps is achieved, while also creating more efficient storage system.