Food processing requires a range of automated systems, from the production of the food itself, to the portioning, packaging, and loading of end products for shipment. Our machines provide safe and hygienic automation for every stage of this process.

Factory automation has been part of food processing for decades, but that hasn’t stopped us from finding ways to innovate. We use state-of-the-art motion control technology to improve the reliability and programmability of our systems. From dispensing pie fillings to stacking frozen hamburgers, we know how to automate food production to meet customer needs.

Any system that handles food must meet sanitation and hygiene regulations from the FDA. We know how to design our automated production processes to accommodate high temperature and high pressure wash-downs, along with full documentation support to show that our equipment meets federal guidelines.


When it comes to designing and building custom dispensing and dosing equipment to handle the most difficult of food products Eagle has the experience necessary to meet almost any challenge. Our state of the art servo driven technology allows for a wide range of speed adjustment at your fingertips. Food grade standards operating within high pressure, high temperature, wash down environments can be challenging but Eagle will design a system that will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.



Check out Eagle’s social media video post on the subject.

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