Turbines are used to produce energy from a range of sources, including wind and hydroelectric. These projects have historically been massive undertakings, with the Hoover damn as one example, or the sheer size and scope of wind farms as another. As with any leading green technology, industry manufacturers are eager to demonstrate their advanced capabilities. Eagle outshines them all.

As a pioneer in wind turbine energy, Eagle has a deep well of experience to draw upon as we approach client projects. The size of our facilities allows us to work on large components as needed, while our robotics capabilities draw on the most advanced machinery to enable accurate, high-speed, heavy-duty assemblies.

To demonstrate our role as industry leaders, we now incorporate Industry 4.0 technology into our processes. We use advanced simulations to model how our equipment will function once assembled, especially with large-scale projects that would be expensive to prototype. Our monitoring systems provide continuous feedback during production so you can be confident in the quality of your components.

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