Using Hybrid Batteries in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

There are two major types of hybrid batteries in existance for use in hybrid electric vehicles – lithium ion (Li-ion) and nickel metal hybrid (NiMH).  Many battery subcategories can be found within each.

NiMH batteries were the primary battery source for hybrid vehicles until a few years ago. Today Li-ion batteries are being tested and developed at a quick pace for this usage. Prices for Li-ion batteries were once outrageously high, but are dropping today. Lower prices make the batteries more accessible and thus increase the market for hybrid electric vehicles in the future.

Pros and Cons

Hybrid batteries offer a lot of promise for the future of green alternative energy. Gradually consumers are becoming attracted to the benefits and efficeincies of this technology and away from fossil fuels that can harm the environment. Additionally, with the “unstable” situation in the middle east and oil prices equally unstable …Hybrid Batteries are a safe, stable and welcome alternative.

Hybrid batteries are long-lasting; customers can expect to travel 150,000 miles or more on one battery. Currently, the U. S. government offers tax credits for the purchase of hybrid electric vehicles, making them even more attractive.

Today, Hybrid batteries are a little more expensive than conventional batteries. However, as mentioned earlier, buyers can expect to get a long life from their hybrid battery. With hybrid battery technology improving every day, at some point the batteries will pay for themselves.

The biggest “pro” beyond being “green” is that the Hybrid Battery is allowing today’s vehicles equiped with Hybrid Motors to achieve phenominal gas mileage. Some “city” or “service” vehicles using this technology like buses, delivery trucks, garbage trucks and more, can in some cases see mileage increase between 3 and 10 times. Now that is a “pro”!

Safety Issues

Consumers may worry about the safety of hybrid batteries. Lead was once a major component in manufacturing, but currently technology is safer and lead-free.

The efficiency of hybrid batteries for hybrid electric vehicles must be balanced with the cost and safety. Look for a hybrid battery manufacturer that is involved in research and development. Make sure your hybrid battery has been tested for optimum performance and safety.

Automated Systems for Producing Hybrid Batteries

Your company may need an automated system to aid in manufacturing your own hybrid batteries. There are only a few Automation experts with experience that specialize in systems for alternative energy production. Be sure to choose an equipment builder who has “done it before” to supply you with any automation needs.

Testing equipment for your facility can also be designed just for you. Do some research as to who will provide the best design, installation and service for your business.

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