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How Advanced Testing Achieves Six-Sigma Manufacturing Standards

The manufacturing industry demands high standards, but the companies that achieve them surpass the competition. Six Sigma, is based on the statistical calculation that if the standard set for passing a quality control test were set to 6σ (σ being the mathematical sign for a single standard deviation) from the mean,...

5 Ways to Error-Proof Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing automation can be designed to prevent, detect, and mitigate errors before they reach consumers. Errors can enter the manufacturing stream from numerous sources. From flaws in the base material, to equipment that malfunctions, to problems with the design itself. But many of the most common—and preventable—errors can come from human...

How IIoT, Testing, and Big Data Work Together to Reduce Recalls

Manufacturing recalls are costly for businesses and damage consumer trust. New manufacturing technology can limit their scope. Throughout the decades, manufacturers have had to issue large-scale recalls of products and the enormous cost to their business, not to mention damage to their brand's reputation. In the best circumstances, these recalls have...


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