Agriculture Automation

4 Ways Automation Is Disrupting Agriculture

Farming may be one of the oldest industries, but it’s also one of the most innovative. To many of us in the modern day, farming hardly seems like the most cutting-edge sector. It’s easy to view the “high tech” world powered by algorithms and microchips as at odds with rural farmlands...

8 Applications for Automation in Cannabis Production

With a boom in demand for CBD oil and marijuana, cannabis producers need efficient ways to increase production. It should come as no surprise that today’s cannabis industry is thriving. In 2020, legal marijuana sales hit a record of USD 17.5 billion, and that number is only rising for the foreseeable...

5 Applications for Advanced Robotics in Vertical Farming

Vertical farms promise easy access to fresh produce in cities. Advanced robotics are integral to the solution. New technology promises to change one of mankind’s oldest industries: farming. With the growth of cities, and the urbanization of many rural communities, populations around the globe are looking for ways to bring agriculture...


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