Utilizing Your Customer Service Department for R&D

Hybrid motors, conveyor systems, and packaging materials are just a few of the products and equipment that Eagle Technologies Group, and companies like us, manufacture. Ultimately, we make the equipment used to produce the products you use every day. However, our equipment, machinery, and the products produced by them don’t always come problem-free. That’s why customer services are made available to handle these issues as they occur. But it’s not always necessary for customer service to lay in wait for the next big catastrophe.

Customer care and equipment engineering departments in companies like Eagle Technologies Group can and do work together outside of the troubleshooting realm. In fact, many companies use a relationship between the two departments to improve machinery and even the processes involved in creating them.

Solving Technical Problems Through Customer Service

A customer care department often catalogues customer complaints, comments, and concerns from each interaction. Many issues can be chalked up to human error, improper use of the equipment, lax training, or maintenance negligence.

But sometimes, customers can discover a problem that was missed during the testing and inspection stages. At other times, the daily usage alone can uncover a hidden complication in the machinery. These complications often call attention to parts that aren’t capable of handling the daily production and maintenance, often adding unnecessary time and effort to daily tasks.

Your Comments, Concerns, and Complaints Do Make A Difference

When these sorts of hidden complications come up in customer service calls, the engineering department should be alerted to the problem. This partnership between the customer service and engineering department allows us to make improvements in how easily the machines work, as well as, how efficiently. This system is especially effective with newer model machines, in which all quirks haven’t yet been identified.

So, when you contact the Eagle Technologies Group customer care department about issues with your equipment, remember that your words may just shape future models and improve quality for many other users.

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