6 Reasons Automation Technology Is a Growing Career Choice

For those looking for a stable and stimulating career, automation technology is a smart option.

For years, headlines have been dominated by concerns that American factory jobs are disappearing. But if there’s one area where skilled manufacturing jobs are plentiful, it’s in automation technology. In fact, the demand for skilled workers is so great, that there’s a significant concern that a future skills gap will leave many of them unfilled.


The good news is that word of the growing skills gap—and of the promising employment prospects—is growing. Younger generations are considering automation technology as they enter the workforce, and are making decisions about their education with these careers in mind. While these workers will help to grow the ranks of skilled labor in the United States, there are more opportunities still that need to be filled. Automation technology is a smart choice for workers seeking stable and fulfilling, long-term employment. Here are six reasons why.


1. Challenging and rewarding projects.

No one wants to be bored at work. For many workers looking for an exciting career, the prospect of sitting behind a desk all day is disheartening. Yet many also believe that a tedious day job is the only way toward a steady paycheck.


Not so. Factory Automation technology is a stimulating job that challenges employees to solve a variety of complex problems across a range of industries and technologies. There’s never a dull moment, whether technical automation builders are working with machines on the factory floor or designing them using high-end simulation technology and 3D design software.


2. Use of state-of-the-art technology.

Automation technology relies on advanced technology of all kinds. Engineers designing automated systems working with simulation tools to see how an assembly line might function. Engineers selecting new advancing products to incorporate into our customer’s machines are sometimes as we call it at Eagle – bleeding edge technology. Our customer’s production teams on the factory floor wear augmented reality visors while working with advanced robotics.


The use of this technology advances leads to improvements in automation design, while also improving working standards for those in the industry. Being at the forefront of technological change is also exciting, and opens up new avenues for workers to gain experience in their field.


3. Work promises constant innovation.

Part of being in a cutting-edge industry is that businesses must be constantly innovating in order to stay competitive. This is true for both the manufacturers using automated assemblies in their factories and the businesses designing the automated solutions. With each new technological advance comes new opportunities to improve. Without a mindset focused on discovering new applications of this technology, businesses risk stagnation.


For those seeking a career in automation technology, innovation is a chance to apply themselves creatively to problems. Moreover, it offers tangible rewards for those who can find effective solutions to these problems, which is a strong motivation for many to apply their ingenuity to the challenges at work.


4. Inside glimpse of products before they go to market.

Perhaps one of the attractions that is talked about least in the automation technology industry is the sneak peek it gives into other industries. From vertical farming to electric cars to aerospace, factory automation is transforming manufacturing around the globe.


Working in automation technology is like getting a preview of the future. Those working in this field get a chance to see the latest technological innovations before they hit the market, not just in one field, but in many. It’s both an exciting and an inspiring look at what’s to come.


5. Ongoing education opportunities.

In many industries, opportunities for ongoing education are a sure sign that a certain career will be a wise path for future success. The more a worker is able to advance his or her skill set, and demonstrate continued mastery of their craft in the process, the more bargaining power they will have on the labor market.


Because factory automation is such an innovative field, opportunities for ongoing education abound. From programming advanced robots to designing new quality control systems to working as part of an international supply chain, workers in this field have any number of directions to take the development of their skill sets.


6. Multiple promising career paths.

Finally, work in automation technology offers several paths toward career advancement, meaning that those who choose this line of work have plenty of flexibility. Possible careers include skilled professional jobs, such as toolmaker, machinist, or electrical technician. They also include leadership roles in management, or as engineers, project managers, and team leads. Professionals with a background in automation technology are also in demand in sales, as they can more knowledgeably explain the capabilities of equipment to prospects.


The ability to choose a career path means workers can better play to their strengths. Those who prefer to work on the factory floor can work toward positions that demand technical expertise. Those whose strengths lie in project oversight can move toward management. And those who prefer interpersonal communication can look for work in sales. There are no limitations.


Automation technology promises to be a steady career choice for generations of workers.

The future of manufacturing lies in automation technology. While advanced robotics are replacing many low-paying manufacturing jobs, they’re also creating opportunities for better jobs—ones that promise higher wages, benefits, and more fulfilling work. These jobs are unlikely to disappear in the coming decades, meaning that those who start these careers now can expect steady employment for years to come.


At Eagle, we offer an apprenticeship program for those interested in starting a career as skilled workers in automation technology. Our training equips apprentices with a solid foundation of knowledge that they can apply in many career paths, throughout our industry. We believe that developing skilled workers if just one way we keep American manufacturing strong for all of us.


If you or someone you know is interested in applying to our program, share this article with them, and encourage them to read more on our Apprenticeship Program page.


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