Every factory automation design consists of numerous interlocking steps that require complex timing and coordination to achieve the desired outcome. Working through this process with physical prototypes is expensive and time-consuming, can lead to costly delays, and results in project bloat. Simulation takes the guess work out of the early development stages, streamlining the process and leading to more accurate project quotes and delivery estimates.

At Eagle Technologies, we have invested in engineers who are simulation experts. At the application level, we eliminate unknown variables by building 3D models for robotic simulation, and 2D discrete event simulations that allow us to trace how one change might affect downstream processes. During engineering, our team relies on simulation to fine-tune design details and get a head start on programming and debugging work.

Our implementation of automation simulation has had numerous positive results for our clients. We have reduced the turnaround time on our largest and most complex assemblies from a year or more to four or five months. By identifying design efficiencies, we have reduced the footprint of our designs drastically. And by demonstrating proof of concept early in the production process, we can confirm essential factors, such as cycle times and throughputs, allowing manufacturers to better prepare for their new assembly capabilities.


  • 3D robotic simulation powered by Emulate3D
  • 2D discrete event simulation

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