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Preventative Maintenance can avoid a factory shut-down

5 Ways That Preventative Maintenance can Spot Machinery Motor Problems

The motors that power manufacturing machines are just like the ones that power our cars, in that preventive maintenance is key to avoiding catastrophic and costly problems. The motor is obviously a large part of any machine’s operating system. When it goes down, so does production until the problem is fixed. Let’s take a look…

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Preventive Maintenance Checks for Michigan Winter’s

Every Michigan manufacturing plant has its ritual that prepares the facility for the severe cold, snow, and ice of winter. The ritual starts in October, well before the first snow. However, preventive maintenance departments shouldn’t let the harsh weather slip from all thought after that ritual is complete. There are a few things to remember in order to avoid a winter catastrophe.

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Eyeballing Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Elsewhere in manufacturing, quality control consists of tasting, sampling, trying, and testing the products coming off the assembly line. In pharmaceuticals manufacturing, quality control is a bit more intricate. Prescription drugs consist of precise chemical compounds formulated to perform a certain task within the body. Quality control thus consists of testing not only the formula, but also ensuring that foreign materials don’t threaten the integrity of the medication.

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5 Sources for Preventive Maintenance Training

Finding a preventive maintenance training program may turn out to be a bit difficult if you’ve never used one. They are offered by equipment manufacturers, software companies and people who specialize in equipment training. Many programs cater to entire factories, like those using software that can run on company computers. Others involve actual live attendance…

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The Importance of Preventive Maintenance Training

Preventive maintenance is a part of the industrial process, but it is also something that one must learn. Fortunately, companies can easily train their staff without having to hire a specialty team. The problem, though, is that managers in manufacturing industry often argue the importance of this specialized training. In truth, such training should be…

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3 Signs of a Poor Spare Parts System

Spare parts inventories only function properly when they are properly managed. Proper management entails planning scheduling, monitoring, and procurement. When any of these components are out of line, you have a recipe for problems, the kind that involve a broken piece of machinery and not enough spare parts to fix it. Fortunately, a spare parts…

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Fall Into Hybrid Motor Winterization

Last week, we wrote about the effects of cold weather on hybrid vehicles. This week, we’d like to follow that story up with some tips on how to actually prepare your hybrid for the coming cold winter months. The companies who work in hybrid motor manufacturing care greatly about how those motors perform after they…

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The Chilling Effects of Cold Weather on Hybrid Motors

September usually ushers in the season of Fall in Michigan, the infamous home of the auto industry. However, the industry’s current popular cars, those powered by hybrid motors, may experience a little trouble running in the great state that gave us the American automobile. Hybrid motors do indeed have difficulty functioning in cold weather, the…

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Two Ways to Reduce Your Spare Parts Inventory

Continuing with last week’s topic of spare parts, today’s post will review maintaining your spare parts inventory in a way that will actually save you money. Although a spare parts inventory is usually necessary, carrying enough parts to build a whole new machine is not. In fact, the excess non-vital parts within the inventory can…

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The Importance of Spare Parts Inventories

The manufacturing systems that companies thrive on require more than lubrication and maintenance. They also require spare parts. Most manufacturing and processing companies keep an inventory of spare parts. However, small businesses should also consider creating a spare parts inventory as well. There are several reasons why a company utilizing machinery should have a spare…

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