The Importance of Preventive Maintenance Training

Preventive maintenance is a part of the industrial process, but it is also something that one must learn. Fortunately, companies can easily train their staff without having to hire a specialty team. The problem, though, is that managers in manufacturing industry often argue the importance of this specialized training. In truth, such training should be a standard part of every preventive maintenance program.

Here are just a few reasons to incorporate a preventative maintenance training program in your facility.

Avoiding Unnecessary Errors

Properly trained employees know when and how to perform preventive maintenance. This alone prevents costly repairs due to incomplete inspection, for example, when the employee overlooks key signs of impending equipment issues. Trained employees also know when to replace equipment before it fails, but after it has served the company to capacity.

Keeping Up with the Industry

Training courses also cover the latest methods, processes and even software for getting the most out of your preventive maintenance. They are also a way to learn about recalls and equipment issue fixes. Depending on the company offering the training, you may be able to get a sneak peek into the next model available when your equipment’s time expires.


Many companies don’t realize that software programs exist to help you implement and maintain your preventive maintenance schedule. This takes a lot of time, manpower and money out of keeping track manually. Training for the programs also often includes updates and suggestions on how to maximize your preventive maintenance plan.


Imagine being able to tell your customers and clients that members of the crew are certified in maintaining certain pieces of equipment within your plant. Again, depending on the program and the state in which you live, the training program may provide certification upon completion. It is not only a resume boost for the employee, but a potential sales point as well.

Preventive maintenance training is just as important as the program itself. Think of it this way, imagine buying a car that has a manual transmission. In order to drive it, you must learn to drive a stick. However, you fail to learn correctly, screeching the gears everywhere you go, causing the clutch and/or transmission to go out early on. You could’ve avoided the damage just by learning how to properly drive a stick shift car. So don’t let yourself become stuck with equipment that you don’t know how to “drive”. Contact your customer care representative at Eagle Technologies Group for more information on preventive maintenance training.

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