5 Sources for Preventive Maintenance Training

Finding a preventive maintenance training program may turn out to be a bit difficult if you’ve never used one. They are offered by equipment manufacturers, software companies and people who specialize in equipment training. Many programs cater to entire factories, like those using software that can run on company computers. Others involve actual live attendance in a classroom-like setting. With this wide range of options, there is sure to be something to fit your company’s needs.

1. Talk to your supplier. Manufacturers of manufacturing equipment, like Eagle Technologies, do offer programs tailored towards the equipment they sell. Such programs often come free with the purchase of equipment, and are often in the form of classes or software for at home study.

2. Look for software. A software program may get to be somewhat pricey, but you will then own the program long after the purchase is made. This allows you to perform your own training sessions with groups and individuals. You can refresh the training periodically or when the need arises. Software makers will even send you content updates if the price is right.

3. Scour the trade magazines. Trade magazines exist to give you information and updates on your industry. They are also a prime place to view ads by people holding seminars, meetings and conferences on preventive maintenance techniques.

4. Find a consultant to conduct equipment and industry specific training at your convenience. Maintenance management consultants can come up with exercises, assessments, and also suggestions for making your preventive maintenance plan more efficient. They will also train your staff on proper techniques.

5. Take recommendations from the local trade organizations and unions. They can point you toward a company that specializes in the training you are looking for. Preventive maintenance specialists and consultants thrive off the work they receive from companies like yours. Marketing to the associations and unions that hire the workers and managers is one way to get close to the company decision-makers that tend to hire such a consultant.

Whatever you decide to go with, always do your research on the options. Ask for references that you can consult and check consumer tools like the Better Business Bureau. Finally ask your supplier what they think. The customer care team at Eagle Technologies will try their best to steer you in the right direction.

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