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Economic Recovery: A little bit at a time

Why 2010’s Manufacturing Review is Good News for the Economy

The country’s political, economic, and manufacturing industry officials are doing a proverbially happy dance over 2010’s year end manufacturing industry statistics. The slight increases are indeed news of some movement in the industry, but why all the fuss? To understand why such seemingly small progress translates into a good 2011 year, you must learn about…

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Eagle Technologies_Customer Care

Customer Care Rep: The All Knowing

Customer care representatives in the manufacturing industry are not given the credit they deserve for the job they perform. Plant managers call with questions on the machine, payments, account issues and orders. It is up to the customer care representative to field all of these questions. But, how can a simple sales person know so much about the machines? They can’t. The customer care representative must be able to determine the nature of the customer’s problem and help if possible. Some of the more intricate issues are sent to the engineering department, but customer care representatives often perform the minor things.

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