Customer Care Rep: The All Knowing

Customer care representatives in the manufacturing industry are not given the credit they deserve for the job they perform. Plant managers call with questions on the machine, payments, account issues and orders. It is up to the customer care representative to field all of these questions. But, how can a simple sales person know so much about the machines?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the company trains a customer care representative before starting the work. These workers are also trained in the type and function of the equipment that the company maintains. Eagle technologies customer care employees are well versed in the conveyor, dispensing, packaging, and other machines that the company makes. In all industries, periodic training, memos, and manuals are also offered by the engineering department to help in training.

Why is all of this necessary? Well, the customer care representative must be able to determine the nature of the customer’s problem and help if possible. Some of the more intricate issues are sent to the engineering department, but customer care representatives often perform the minor things. How can this employee help the customer if he/she knows nothing about the products? Prior experience in manufacturing equipment or engineering is often appreciated when trying to land this job.

The customer care reps do indeed have help. Many companies offer a “cheat sheet” of sorts that lays out the most common issues and how to solve them. Unlike many home appliance problems, plant equipment issues are often not easily solved by unplugging the machine for 30 seconds and then replugging it. However, the engineering department can quickly identify issues that result from human error. Speaking with the customer care department can often solve these problems.

So you see, your Eagle Technologies customer care representative isn’t all knowing, but well-trained to help you with your equipment problems. In addition, these workers are required to have good people skills to soothe frustrated customers and get to the bottom of the problem. If the rep directs you to the engineer, he/she isn’t brushing you off, but is providing you with more specialized help for your unique problem.

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