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Electric Car

New Automation Technology Needs Created by the Electric Car

Despite the rise in popularity and awareness for alternative fuels and motors that run on them, there is still interest in a car that uses no fuel at all. The electric car is that solution. It may seem simple, but there are many hurdles yet to cross before the electric car can become the standard…

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Preventative Maintenance can avoid a factory shut-down

5 Ways That Preventative Maintenance can Spot Machinery Motor Problems

The motors that power manufacturing machines are just like the ones that power our cars, in that preventive maintenance is key to avoiding catastrophic and costly problems. The motor is obviously a large part of any machine’s operating system. When it goes down, so does production until the problem is fixed. Let’s take a look…

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5 Point Motor Check: Preventive Maintenance for Machine Motors

The motor is one of the single most important components that is found within nearly all factory manufacturing equipment. When a motor fails, it’s safe to bet that your equipment won’t be functioning either. Repairing and replacing motors can oftentimes be a costly exercise in time and money. Fortunately, with the correct preventative maintenance you…

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A Look Into the Conveyor Industry

A recent report showed that the conveyor industry is one of the manufacturing sectors experiencing growth despite the economic climate outside. The Conveyor Manufacturers Association reported that July 2010 orders were up 49 percent over this time last year. Such a dramatic leap in sales has undoubtedly led many people to wonder about the importance…

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Two Ways to Reduce Your Spare Parts Inventory

Continuing with last week’s topic of spare parts, today’s post will review maintaining your spare parts inventory in a way that will actually save you money. Although a spare parts inventory is usually necessary, carrying enough parts to build a whole new machine is not. In fact, the excess non-vital parts within the inventory can…

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The Importance of Spare Parts Inventories

The manufacturing systems that companies thrive on require more than lubrication and maintenance. They also require spare parts. Most manufacturing and processing companies keep an inventory of spare parts. However, small businesses should also consider creating a spare parts inventory as well. There are several reasons why a company utilizing machinery should have a spare…

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Top 5 Signs of Machine Failure

Machine failure is a normal, expected part of the manufacturing process. However, it’s also a costly part of factory automation. From line shutdowns to product delays and even product defects due to the machine failure, costs can rise quickly. That’s why you must stay on top of problems, even before they occur. Here are just…

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5 Efficiency Tools from the Pharmacy

Manufacturing dispensers are used in several places throughout the factory automation process. Eagle Technologies creates dispensing systems for use in various industries, from automotive to food processing, including pharmaceuticals. Keeping dispenser efficiency high is the goal, one that you can reach by taking a few cues from the pharmacy. In the pharmaceutical industry, drug dispensers…

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