The Importance of Spare Parts Inventories

The manufacturing systems that companies thrive on require more than lubrication and maintenance. They also require spare parts. Most manufacturing and processing companies keep an inventory of spare parts. However, small businesses should also consider creating a spare parts inventory as well.

There are several reasons why a company utilizing machinery should have a spare parts inventory. This includes everything from the parts for an office printer to the processing equipment large enough to fill a warehouse space.


Having parts on hand allows companies to get their operations back online, even after a major breakdown. This avoids lost time and wages while awaiting parts.


Spare parts are a large expense upon initial purchase, but their costs are minuscule compared to the costs of a breakdown without having spare parts on hand. Depending on the parts needed, the affected machines might need to be shut down while awaiting new parts.

Vital parts may require an entire plant shutdown. Workers and production thus cease while the part is ordered, possibly fabricated, packaged, and shipped. This process could take days or even weeks to complete. Meanwhile, the costs mount for the plant that is sitting idle until the part arrives. Missed production deadlines could even cost the company valuable client relationships.

Proper Repair

Stories abound about company employees who, in an effort to avoid a major shutdown, perform a “patch job” on the equipment. The results are usually even more damaging to the machinery or the machine malfunctions in a way that affects product quality. Making the parts available prevents the need for such shortcuts.

Spare parts inventories are a necessary part of running a manufacturing business. When you order machinery from Eagle Technologies, just ask about adding spare parts to your order.

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