A Look Into the Conveyor Industry

A recent report showed that the conveyor industry is one of the manufacturing sectors experiencing growth despite the economic climate outside. The Conveyor Manufacturers Association reported that July 2010 orders were up 49 percent over this time last year. Such a dramatic leap in sales has undoubtedly led many people to wonder about the importance of the conveyor industry.

The History of Conveyors

In truth, it is an industry that has been weathering recessions for decades, since its inception in early 1900s. The story goes that roofers and millers in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota constructed a bed of wood over which leather, canvas or rubber was laid as a belt. They used this contraption to transport shingles, heavy grain bags and more from one place to another. The first patent came in 1908 to Hymle Goddard. But it wasn’t until automobile production ramped up that the conveyor became a staple on the manufacturing floor.

The Importance of Conveyors

Conveyor systems proved themselves early on to be a game changer in the manufacturing industry. Few people probably understood that they would eventually grow to encompass an industry of their own. Just think about the manufacturing floor and the many different types and manifestations of conveyor that there are. They occupy such a constant space because they are:

  • Energy efficient, running on their own mechanism without the need for fuel or electrical power depending on the type of conveyor used.
  • Economically efficient, transferring products without the need for human intervention.
  • Time saving, with their ability to transfer items a great distance at a quick pace.

Types of Conveyors

Conveyors are classified by the materials they are made of, the products they transport, their size, special features, and more. Not every conveyor has a belt system like the belt conveyors. Cleated conveyors are one of the exceptions. Modular conveyors are used to navigate turns and to create curves in the conveyor system, while lift gate conveyors are designed to be mounted on the lift gate. Industrial, food quality and aluminum conveyors are just a few more types.

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