Hybrid & 
Electric Vehicles

The past few years have seen a revolution in the automotive industry, as improvements in battery efficiency have led to a rapid expansion of the market for hybrid and electric vehicles. With new technologies transforming the automotive market every year, manufacturers need an automation solution provider who can keep pace with the rate of change.

Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle, EV Battery Capabilities


$150M engineered, manufactured production equipment delivered and installed in the last 10 years.

$20M in electric and hybrid vehicle lab/prototype and Advanced Test equipment delivered.

$1M invested by Eagle in advanced technologies at the San Jose Electric Vehicle Innovation Center.

motor expertise

  • Motor winding, lead straightening, lead twisting
  • End of line testing
  • 3D wire shaping
  • Wire Brushing
  • Lead routing
  • De-reeling
  • Straightening
  • Stripping
  • Cut to Length
  • Forming
  • Lamination Insertion
  • Final Twisting
  • Welding
  • Inspection
  • Dielectric Testing

Battery expertise

  • Cell test and load stand-alone machines or in process
  • Automatic battery positioning for wire bond processes
  • Terminal voltage sense harness
  • Pulse test (stationary or on-the-fly)
  • Review, rework and interface with MES
  • Bar-code tracking of products and RFID
  • Module close, test and leak test
  • Plate Fabrication
  • Cell Assembly, Encapsulation & Test
  • Module Assembly
  • Weld, Leak & Functional Test
  • Pack Assembly
  • 3D Vision Inspection
  • Dispensing
  • Weighing
  • Sonic and Hot Plate Welding

Test expertise

  • Advanced test of motors using high-speed dynamometers
  • Inverter validation and final test for powertrain module
  • Leak test including mass spec
  • Electrical
  • Stators/motors/rotors – wiring, short detection, TIR and spin up to 20,000 RPM
  • Drive units
  • Autonomous
  • Mirror accessories
  • Fuel cell
  • ADAS (advanced drive assistance systems)

Complete NVH test stands (end of line and stand alone)

Client Testimonial

We truly view our relationship with Eagle as a partnership. The team has been excellent at proactively looking for potential improvement to our existing design. We are growing so rapidly that we must rely on outside help to accomplish our expansion goals on time as well as address the known issues in our process. Eagle has been key on helping us accomplish both.

EV Motor and Battery Technology Customer

Processes Demonstrated on the EV Battery Machine

  • High-speed robotic pick and place
  • Barcode scan battery cell
  • 3D vision inspect
  • Module load
  • Wire bond
  • Plasma clean
  • Adhesive dispense
  • Cover load
  • Electrical test
  • Leak test

Innovation Center in San Jose

At Eagle, we have worked closely with industry leaders to fabricate batteries and fuel cells that test the limits of EV power and range. In fact, our battery assembly technology is on display at the Rockwell Electric Vehicle Innovation Center in San Jose. No less extensive is our knowledge of EV and hybrid motor assembly technologies. We will coordinate with your design team to make sure your product meets output requirements.

Advanced Testing for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Backing our production systems is a suite of advanced test systems designed specifically for hybrid and electric vehicles. From autonomous systems to batteries to every aspect of the EV drive train, our verification tools can ensure that each unit produced by our automation equipment meets your specification standards.

Industry 4.0 Capabilities for Hybrid and Electric

At our facilities, we employ the latest in Industry 4.0 technology to ensure the most efficient design and production. We use advanced simulations to model assembly stations, additive manufacturing to create 3D prototypes, AR technology to guide operators during the assembly process, IIoT-enabled manufacturing equipment to centralize factory controls, and Big Data analytics to track each component throughout the manufacturing and assembly process.

The level of excellence our engineers bring to the table, combined with our industry partners, our advanced testing capabilities, and our Industry 4.0 technology, make us leaders in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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