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Development Dyno Electric Vehicle Motor

Eagle designed this Dynamometer for:

  • TCU transmission shift characterization and validation.
  • Design validation for testing purposes.
  • Complete electric vehicle environmental test simulation including vehicle inertia, shifting, braking, and road sims.
  • Advanced development for shifting times, shifting logic, shifting timing, shifting smoothness, limp mode, and durability testing.


Program Execution


  • EV Cooling System (part and controller)
  • Advanced test hardware and software
  • Protection of the part (motor) and the dyno
  • Maximize safety


  • Custom mechanical design to protect the part and the machine
  • Bauer partnership with Eagle in custom software design
  • Motor and drive emulation


  • Satisfied customer and successful project execution
  • Exceeded test requirements of 2500 Nm and 3300 RPM
  • Completely dynamic advanced software and hardware methods


Technical Characteristics

  • Multi-mode powertrain
  • Two sets of ratios
    • Motor A
      • 1st Gear 3.63:1, 2nd Gear 1.72:1 3rd Gear 1:1
    • Motor B
      • 1st Gear 2.64:1, 2nd Gear 1:1
  • 250 ms shift times with no torque interruption

Key Market Characteristics

  • All Electric – no hydraulic
  • Several markets of use:
    • Class 1-8 trucks
    • Light-duty trucks and SUV’s
    • Light military trucks
    • Input max torque 4000 Nm

Special Designs

  • Compact motor design (13″ long)
  • Modularity in design:
    • Dual motor configuration
    • Versatile and services the need of many applications using one size fits all design philosophy


Test Capabilities

  • Continuous 2500 Nm
  • Maximum RPM 3300
  • Torque transducer resolution
    • .03% Error, 18,000 RPM, 10 kNm Full scale, 1024 TTL RPM Feedback
  • Dynamic torque feedback
  • Speed and torque modes
  • Optimized analytics EV Testing


  • Developed:
    • Shifting logic
    • Shifting times
    • Shifting smoothness
    • Limp mode
    • Durability testing

Hardware & Controls

  • 4-door 480 VAC Panel
  • 700 VDC Power Supply Battery Emulation
  • Cooling System:
    • 250+ KW Heat Removal (Glycol)
    • Part Oil Cooler
  • Bauer & Custom Drivers
  • Direct Control of Dyno
  • Sample Rate < 5 ms
Client Testimonial

Bringing a new product to the market can always be challenging. The dynamometer requirements were a challenge, and Eagle met all our expectations. The dyno design is robust, the software is streamlined, and the build quality is world-class. Thank you, Eagle.

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