San Jose
EV Innovation Center

Electric vehicles continue to gain traction in the marketplace, thanks in large part to advances in battery technology that have extended range beyond 300 miles. For manufacturers, the next hurdle is making lithium-ion battery production more efficient – and electric vehicles more affordable for a broader consumer base.

Optimizing automotive manufacturing processes is nothing new for machine builder Eagle Technologies. Headquartered in Bridgman, Michigan, the company has served the automotive industry for over 50 years and has delivered turnkey assembly and test systems for nearly every vehicle component.

As electric vehicles have advanced, Eagle Technologies has been on the cutting edge of new technology with prototype development and production systems for both batteries and motors.


What is the Electric Vehicle Innovation Center?

An immersive experience that helps customers quickly and cost-effectively develop their vision of Factory Automation, Connected Enterprise and Digital Factory in EV and battery production

Our Opportunity

A high-tech facility where manufacturers interested in learning more about the electric battery and drive-train manufacturing processes can see first-hand technologies used in EV production.