Industry 4.0

Powerful advances in computational capabilities, interconnected devices, and additive manufacturing are transforming factory manufacturing as we know it. Those industries which embrace these new systems will hold an insurmountable competitive advantage over those who fail to keep pace.


Industry 4.0 represents the latest advance in manufacturing capabilities that promise to facilitate innovation, reduce production errors, improve factory performance through decreased downtime and increased output.

Our commitment to staying at the cutting-edge of emerging technologies means we have been able to integrate these solutions into our processes, enhancing the services we offer our customers.


Our simulation technology allows us to prove out our designs before we go into manufacturing. We can demonstrate that our machines achieve the desired functionality, meet ergonomic standards, and align with timing and capability specifications. This allows us to demonstrate proof of concept and gain a fuller understanding of material and resource costs so that we can provide more accurate quotes and estimates.

3D Printing

We use 3D printing to construct prototypes in the early stages of our machine design process. Working with design specifications from our customers, we print and assemble components to create a representation of the final product. Printed prototypes are another of our proof of concept tools, which we use to demonstrate that our machines can create and assemble the final product within the correct design parameters.

Big Data Analytics

Using modern data gathering tools, we collect information about every component of every product our machines produce to help our customers gain an in-depth look at everything it took to engineer and manufacture the final product. Our customers use this data to inform future engineering decisions, or to collect a fault log history so they can trace a manufacturing flaw back to the point of origin.

Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things, used in industrial manufacturing, brings all the disparate digital components of an automated factory together into a centralized monitoring system. Connected devices gives maintenance personnel and factory workers greater insight into the performance of each machine, allowing them to maximize production and conduct preventative maintenance on an optimal schedule.

Augmented Reality

AR technology has been an asset for operator instruction, both as they assemble components and conduct repairs. Using AR-equipped glasses or camera screens, we can create a digital overlay showing instructions, such as where to insert a widget, or which components need to be replaced.

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