How Eagle’s Company Culture Sets Us Apart

We’ve built the best team in the business by making our company an amazing place to work.

At Eagle Technologies, we understand that what really makes a company successful is its people. We’re proud to be a leader in the industrial automation space, and we know we have the creativity and dedication of our employees to thank for it. We also know that in order for our employees to do work they can be proud of, we have a responsibility to create an environment that fosters wellbeing and offers opportunities to grow.


We believe we’ve developed a company culture that meets those needs at Eagle. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide comfortable workspaces, and all the tools necessary for innovation. We give our employees space to be their whole selves, both in their priorities outside of work and in their diverse perspectives in the workplace. And we offer not just exciting and unique challenges, but structured development plans that position our employees to tackle them.


We’re proud of our company’s success. But we’re especially proud of the investment we’ve made in our greatest asset: our team. Here’s why.

Our employees are people first.

At its most basic level, wellness requires being comfortable in your working environment. It’s impossible to do your best work when you’re hungry, hot, or overwhelmed by noise. Eagle’s facilities are clean and air-conditioned, and were designed to include plenty of spaces for breaks and meals—along with enough time in the day to take advantage of them.


Time away from work is also key, both in the form of bonding opportunities with our colleagues, and to prioritizing family and personal life. Recently, our engineering team took their annual paintball trip—a great opportunity each year to have some fun together outside of the typical office setting. And our team members also know that when life happens, as it always does, we’ll support them as they turn their attention to the things that matter most. No one needs the added stress of worrying about their job while caring for a loved one’s health, celebrating a new baby, or handling any of life’s other twists and turns.

We provide a launchpad for creativity.

At Eagle, we pride ourselves on building the future of factory automation. But in order for our employees to engineer leading-edge solutions, we know they need the best tools available. To that end, we’ve made it a priority to invest in our top-of-the-line facilities in the Midwest and around the world.


These spaces provide rich environments for engineering, design, testing, and production. High ceilings and crane clearance, climate control, and open floor space offer the tools and flexibility for a wide range of projects. For our aerospace clients, one of our St Joseph facilities is also an ITAR dedicated space, ensuring regulatory compliance and expanding the type of projects we can partner on. In addition to these spaces, we’ve also recently opened our newest facility in Saint Joseph, Michigan, a space that expands our advanced prototyping capabilities, large-scale builds, and test. With the addition of this 125,000 sq. ft space, we are now over 350,000 sq. ft of clean manufacturing.

We follow where our values lead.

Company culture starts at the top, and Eagle’s leadership recognizes the importance of acting on the values that our business professes. At the core of each of our business decisions are the ideals of diversity, reliability, continuous improvement, and an investment in preserving and passing on the knowledge that we’ve earned through lengthy experience in our field. These are our guiding principles, and we think the results speak for themselves.


One key system that keeps our culture strong is our in-house apprenticeship program. This four-year program offers Eagle employees the opportunity to learn from their skilled colleagues, gain technical experience in real-world settings, and build professional relationships with our clients. The program is a win from every angle: our team members receive the support they need to grow their careers, and Eagle builds a foundation of talent for our own future and the industries at large. It’s one of the more visible examples of the way we practice kaizen, or continuous improvement: investing time in small changes today, which lay the groundwork for major advancements.


At Eagle, we believe that small-scale actions reflect larger-scale priorities. We know how important it is for our clients to deliver their projects on time, and so we make sure we deliver ours on time for them—97% of the time, in fact. We understand that effective, inclusive design comes from diverse perspectives, and are constantly seeking to add a variety of life experiences and points of view to our teams. As engineers, we know how to measure progress, and we see the value of incremental gains. We bring that same methodical and consistent approach to the application of our principles.

A fulfilled and high-achieving team is no accident.

Taking care of our people isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the result of deliberate planning and thoughtful execution, and we see the results in our company’s success. Moreover, talented candidates are drawn to companies that appreciate their value and offer chances to develop their skills. Providing a satisfying, comfortable work environment helps us attract the next generation of innovative Eagle employees, which helps us maintain our track record of achievement and solidifies the future of our business.


If our principles—continuous, incremental improvement; diverse minds tackling diverse challenges; enabling the next generation to build on our successes—resonate with you, consider joining us at Eagle. We welcome applicants at any time, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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