Customer Service

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Facing Operations

Another term for customer service within the manufacturing field is facing operations. The term is bestowed on the people whose faces are often seen by the people who buy the products. Facing operations, however, entail more than customer liaison. The personnel in this department find themselves performing tech support, small...

Utilizing Your Customer Service Department for R&D

Hybrid motors, conveyor systems, and packaging materials are just a few of the products and equipment that Eagle Technologies Group, and companies like us, manufacture. Ultimately, we make the equipment used to produce the products you use every day. However, our equipment, machinery, and the products produced by them don't...

How to Make the Most Out of Your Customer Service Call

Few people understand that a simple call to customer care can contribute to the development of a new product or an update on an old model. In fact, the relationships between engineering and customer care are an important research and development resource. To help companies like Eagle Technologies implement the...


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