How to Make the Most Out of Your Customer Service Call

Few people understand that a simple call to customer care can contribute to the development of a new product or an update on an old model. In fact, the relationships between engineering and customer care are an important research and development resource. To help companies like Eagle Technologies implement the much-needed changes required to properly improve a machine, customers should try to get more than just a quick fix out of the call.

  1. Come to the call knowing that you did everything as recommended.

    Many of the problems the lead customers to call customer care involve shortcuts taken by the customers. Ask yourself a few questions. Did you assemble/install/set up your equipment according to the instructions and manuals provided? Are you using the machinery in the way it was intended (recommended volume, weight, speed, use duration, etc.)? If your answer is no retrace your steps before calling or be prepared to come clean with the customer care agent in order to get to the root of the problem.

  2. Record the data well.

    Make a record of the issues, the time they occur, dates, and a complete description of the problem to relay to customer care agents. Augment this record each time the problem occurs. This will help establish problem frequency and will help the company establish a pattern if the problem seems to be widespread. Your record could also aid in developing an update or modification in future models.

  3. Stay calm and be specific when speaking with agents.

    Customer care agents can do a better job at helping you with your problem and relaying information to engineers if they are dealing with a respected client. Stubborn, angry clients have the agents scrambling to please, making the fix more important than the problem. In the relationship between engineering and customer care departments, the problem itself is the most important as it leads to product improvement.

  4. Document the contact.

    Each time you go to a customer care agent for help, record the name of the agent as well as the solution given. Relay this information to the agents in future contacts.

When your machine is having trouble, think beyond the fix needed to get production running again. Use your contact with customer care to lead the company on to a something that could end up becoming an asset in a future model.

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