Introduction to the Eagle SmartTRAC

Eagle SmartTRAC Smart Machine and its six core components –Notifications, Production Management, Process Control, Traceability, OEE, and Big Data Analytics–is today’s solution for tomorrow’s manufacturing.

The buzzwords used may be different–Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Cloud Computing, Edge Devices — but they all describe the same idea: an easy-to-use, data gathering and analyzing platform connected to multiple devices. Leveraging the data available from a single machine and the devices connected to it is the future of advanced manufacturing.


Downtime is expensive. Unplanned downtime can cripple productivity. Eagle Smart Machine notifications, which include HMI messages, emails, and text alerts, can immediately alert the proper plant personnel when a machine requires attention.

Configure proactive alerts for perishable tooling and critical maintenance items. The alerts can be sent to plant personnel or to Eagle Technologies so that a spare tooling quote can be prepared as soon as it is needed.


Production Management

Eagle SmartTRAC Smart Machine provides flexibility with production scheduling and monitoring. Build production schedules that can be process driven, schedule driven, or started manually. Monitor production status in real time through one of Eagle Smart Machine’s many integrated dashboards.

“For our customers simply having information isn’t enough. Easy access to that information is just as important. Eagle Smart Machine has become a critical component to keeping our customers’ machines working efficiently.  One feature they love is the customizable dashboards, which allow them to track part quality issues. The ability to review individual station cycle times and identify bottlenecks ensures maximum product throughput. ”

Matthew Childress, Eagle Controls Software Manager


Process Control

Controlling process is critical to success. Monitor several key factors of your process through Eagle Smart Machine, to ensure they stay within tolerances. Enhanced operator interaction includes recipe-driven instructions and shift-by-shift details of operators and maintenance. Active process visualization allows you track component pass/fail in real time.



Eagle Smart Machine’s core function is tracking parts and the information associated with those parts. Link individual component information, lot information, process parameters, and more to a unique serial number. Traceability functions range from tracking First Pass Yield to synchronizing data from the production floor with your in-house ERP system.



Identifying where equipment productivity is being lost is invaluable. Eagle Smart Machine captures downtime related to machine faults and parts issues, and can be configured to track operator and maintenance activities. Quickly and effectively uncover productivity issues with Eagle Smart Machine’s customizable dashboards and reporting.


Big Data Analytics

No system is considered a “smart machine” without the ability to analyze the data it collects. Eagle Smart Machine boasts dashboards and reports that are accessible from the production floor as well as management’s desks. With both standard and customizable report options, there are no limits to your ability to analyze production, process, and part data.


Whether your facilities turn out automotive parts necessary to move people, alternative energy devices necessary for a greener Earth, or the plants that help feed the world, you can trust Eagle’s vast manufacturing experience to integrate a Smart Machine solution to get the most out of your production capabilities.




Jason Cleveland |

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