Green manufacturing doesn’t have to be expensive

It’s no surprise that in discussing sustainability, a discussion about cost will most likely arise. The argument usually involves the costs of implementing green technologies being more than the overall savings of “going green”. The problem with this is that there are steps that can be taken to be more green, and there are also costs associated with not going green.

It’s also important for companies to understand the underlying principles that allow green logistics and savings to coincide. In a post for Environmental Leader, Madico Window Films Senior Vice President of Operations Shawn Kitchell discussed the overlap between sustainability and lean manufacturing.

  • Avoiding overproduction: Kitchell noted by producing the least amount of goods necessary to meet demand – a foundational concept of the “lean” movement – energy use and raw materials consumption can decrease.
  • Managing transportation:  Keeping shipments to a minimum helps to reduce fuel costs as well as carbon emissions.
  • Using fewer materials: Avoiding over-processing cuts expenditures and limits environmental impact.

Taking stock of the different aspects of your business can help you find more efficient ways to get things done. Also, by making green changes to your company’s processes can help your business’s reputation with the end-user, who is more concerned today about the impact products have on the environment.

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