Why Process Validation?

Process and Product Validation can seem like an uneccessary step in the already complex process of bringing a product to completion, but it’s as critically important a step as test-driving a car before it gets to market to make sure that it’s safe for consumers. It can also do a lot to help the bottom line, as an improperly validated product may have difficulty complying with government regulations, and even if it passes under those, a recall of a defective (or even dangerous) product could easily amount to a financial disaster. In this world, there’s very little value in getting something done on time, if it isn’t done properly. You’re doing yourself, your partners, employees and customers a huge favor by investing in proper product and process validation. A secondary benefit to using process validation for every product you roll out, which could yield exponential benefits over time, is that validation involves an evaluation of all of your production methods. In short, you can use it as a tool to determine ways to improve efficiency and profitability (as well as safety) across the board, not just on the process being validated. Even if you’ve been in business for decades, there’s always more to learn, and new ways to improve your products and the way you make them. Investing in Process Validation is a great way to find the areas that could most benefit from improvements which could seem relatively minor—until the savings start to add up.

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