Products to Cut Farm Energy Costs

How are you saving energy today? That’s the question on the minds of business people around the world …and we have an answer: Condensers, Evaporators & Compressors.

Today’s newest models of this equipment are high in energy-efficiency and can save farmers money on their overhead costs. Condensers, evaporators, and compressors have a wide variety of uses in agriculture and farming. Even minor adjustments to certain systems can increase your energy savings greatly.


Condensers are used in a variety of ways, one being in heat recovery systems for dairy farms. The heat from collected milk can be used to heat the water used for cleaning farm equipment. A condensing unit may be more expensive than some alternatives, but the energy savings will make up for the condenser’s initial cost.


Compressed air units are used widely throughout farming. Compressor systems use a great deal of energy, but can often improve energy costs in the long term. A compressor consists of a supply side and a demand side. The supply side must be well-maintained to deliver clean air to the demand side. The demand side delivers air to the equipment.

Bringing our attention back to dairy farms, compressors are used to cool milk and to heat water sanitation. If the compressor is operating efficiently, it can cut the energy costs in half for dairy operation.

Food growers use compressed air systems to package their produce for consumers. Growers are able to save money in the long run through the automation capabilities of compressed air systems and the minor equipment changes to be made.


Evaporators are found in large coolers on farms.  These coolers can be used to reduce the temperatures for buildings on the farm. Evaporative coolers are more cost-effective than air conditioners and work better in regions with lower humidity.

Low Costs, High Reward

No matter how you use condensers, compressors, and evaporators on your farm, you will be pleased with the savings when you upgrade your equipment.

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