The Pressing Process

“Pressing” in an industrial or manufacturing setting refers to a machine that permanently joins two parts to form a new part. Today a custom-designed pressing machine can be engineered to fit your company’s needs.

In recent years, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History exhibited one of America’s earliest, but still-functioning, pressing machines from the 1880’s. This machine was actually still in use until 1974. It was last used to press materials used in the Apollo space program!

Force Monitoring

Modern pressing equipment can be automated and can utilize precise controls and sensors for proper monitoring, data collection and quality assurance. Force monitoring refers to the force of the pressing machine being measured accurately; it should not receive interference from outside forces.

Sensors can be installed in different areas of the press tool (or the part being pressed) to measure different applications. Ultrasonic, laser, pressure and photoelectric sensors may be used.

Signature Analysis

Pressing machinery can be equipped with signature analysis. Signature analysis is a type of technology that monitors test equipment while it is operating. It can be used to locate problems with machinery, both electrical and mechanical. Signature analysis can also be used for preventative maintenance. The technology uses information collected typically through electronics to determine if the machine is operating effectively.

Assembly Monitoring

Your customized pressing machinery can also be equipped with assembly monitoring. A complete assembly monitoring system can include sensors and electronic monitoring. A computer then interprets the data collected regarding the efficiency of your pressing equipment.

Today’s press machinery “should be” self-monitoring while it is operating. A properly engineered system can make adjustments for different materials and conditions. Many manufacturers want some type of traceability for the pressing process. Once again, a customized press machine can provide simple or complex tracking.

By choosing a custom design and manufacturing firm like Eagle Technologies, you can work with a project manager who will make sure all your needs are met. Your pressing system can be designed with in-process control, monitoring, data collection and flexibility as necessary.

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