Involving an Automation Integrator with Machine Building Experience in the Installation Process can Make all the Difference!

Your automated system is complete and your factory is ready for the installation process. It’s at this point where the project can come to a fork in the road.  The installation can go smoothly or be a source of constant headache. By choosing an firm with a proven track record of System Integration driven by years of successful the experience of designing and building “Special Machines”,  you can be assured that your installation will be successful.

Why an Integrator with Design and Build Experience?

An Integrator with design and build experience will evaluate your needs and your internal experience and will come up with the best solution possible to fit your circumstances and overall conditions. Because of this experience, and the fact that they were involved in the design and build of the entire system, they will know what elements of the system need to be handled with greater attention and care during the installation and implementation – as well as after the system has been installed. If unforeseen circumstances occur during or after the installation, a company with this sort of experience, has the best chance of solving a problem immediately and getting the customer up and running.

Why Install an Automated System?

Automation improves the quality of manufactured products and increases the amount produced. Automated systems, like the manual workstation (shown right) offered by Eagle Technologies Group, also improve employee safety and provide employer liability protection. Discuss your company’s needs with an automated systems provider that designs the systems, and the end solution will match your expectations more appropriately. This process is designed to supply you and your company with a unique solution.

The Installation Process

One of the key aspects of involving a firm that has been involved with both the design and build of your system is the leadership of a project manager to supervise the installation. He or she will make sure the new system is installed properly and all systems are operating as they should. Any glitches that occur can be dealt with at your site. No matter how far you are located from the automated systems provider where your equipment was designed and built, you should expect supervised installation from the builder to get you up and running the fastest!

Installation is Complete!

Once the installation is complete, make sure you and your employees are well-trained for using the equipment. It is also advisable that you make sure you deal with a builder that can handle service and maintenance of a new automated system as well.

Whether you are manufacturing medical devices, automobile parts or something else, the installation of an automated system in your facility is an important step to consider when selecting an automation supplier for your expansion plans.

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