Factory Automation Experts

Vision, Mass Spec Helium Leak, Vacuum Decay, Electrical, Functional, Noise, Vibration, Harshness.
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Hybrid Motors and Batteries

Hybrid motor conductor twisting, forming, welding and automotive battery assembly and testing.
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Turnkey Conveyor Systems

High Speed sorting, boxing, capping, and filling.  Talk to us about your packaging application.
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Robotic and Custom Machine Solutions

Eagle Technologies has been supplying world-class manufacturers with engineering design, system build, and service that embody quality and long term commitment since 1953. Our proven expertise in assembly, test, vision, robotics, and material handling systems, along with our dedication to continuous improvement processes allow us to provide the best automation solution tailored to fit your needs. Learn More »

A Clear Vision…

Specializing in custom factory automation since 1953, at Eagle Technologies we have a clear vision of how things should be done. From concepting to quoting, from the first part engineered to the last piece to leave the manufacturing line, Eagle ensures each step meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. Learn More »