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Allergens in Food Processing

Manufacturing Food Safety: Managing Allergies

The human body’s reaction to foods is still the subject of concern and curiosity. Food manufacturers worry about introducing ingredients into the food that could potentially harm customers. However, there is no way to know or remove allergens for billions of people living off the American food supply. The food safety sector of the food…

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Filing Cabinets

Is HACCP Certification Necessary?

In an era of massive food recalls, organics, and the trend toward everything antimicrobial, any process that ensures food safety should be utilized in the food manufacturing industry to prevent contamination. However, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system is one that implements controls on the manufacturing process that can prove costly to the company implementing them. This is especially true in companies looking to convert their plants to adhere HACCP policies. Unfortunately, some managers see the policies as expensive and unnecessary.

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