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Allergens in Food Processing

Manufacturing Food Safety: Managing Allergies

The human body’s reaction to foods is still the subject of concern and curiosity. Food manufacturers worry about introducing ingredients into the food that could potentially harm customers. However, there is no way to know or remove allergens for billions of people living off the American food supply. The food safety sector of the food…

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Filing Cabinets

Is HACCP Certification Necessary?

In an era of massive food recalls, organics, and the trend toward everything antimicrobial, any process that ensures food safety should be utilized in the food manufacturing industry to prevent contamination. However, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system is one that implements controls on the manufacturing process that can prove costly to the company implementing them. This is especially true in companies looking to convert their plants to adhere HACCP policies. Unfortunately, some managers see the policies as expensive and unnecessary.

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The 5 Most Common Food Contaminants

The salmonella outbreak due to eggs is shaping up to be the biggest food contamination in 2010. It comes right on the heals of a major E. coli outbreak in ground beef earlier this year and a mass peanut butter recall due to salmonella in 2009. These outbreaks and more have manufacturers double-checking inspection and…

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3 Main Sources of Food Contamination

Salmonella in eggs, E-coli bacteria in ground beef, and pesticides in infant formula are just a few contaminations since the turn of the century that have ravaged the food supply and crippled the food processing and manufacturing industries. Eagle Technologies and other equipment manufacturers work hard to ensure that the contamination does not begin with…

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5 Efficiency Tools from the Pharmacy

Manufacturing dispensers are used in several places throughout the factory automation process. Eagle Technologies creates dispensing systems for use in various industries, from automotive to food processing, including pharmaceuticals. Keeping dispenser efficiency high is the goal, one that you can reach by taking a few cues from the pharmacy. In the pharmaceutical industry, drug dispensers…

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Greasing the Gears of the Food Industry: Food Grade Lubricants

Equipment speed, accuracy and operator safety are all very important concerns in the food processing industry. Millions of dollars go into product testing, research and development in order to make the machines faster, better and safer. However, one extremely important component is often overlooked – the lubricant. Not just any lubricants can cut it in…

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