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The 5 Most Common Food Contaminants

The salmonella outbreak due to eggs is shaping up to be the biggest food contamination in 2010. It comes right on the heals of a major E. coli outbreak in ground beef earlier this year and a mass peanut butter recall due to salmonella in 2009. These outbreaks and more...

3 Main Sources of Food Contamination

Salmonella in eggs, E-coli bacteria in ground beef, and pesticides in infant formula are just a few contaminations since the turn of the century that have ravaged the food supply and crippled the food processing and manufacturing industries. Eagle Technologies and other equipment manufacturers work hard to ensure that the...

Products to Cut Farm Energy Costs

How are you saving energy today? That’s the question on the minds of business people around the world …and we have an answer: Condensers, Evaporators & Compressors. Today’s newest models of this equipment are high in energy-efficiency and can save farmers money on their overhead costs. Condensers, evaporators, and compressors have...


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