When The Tap Isn’t Good Enough: Classification of Water in Drug Manufacturing

Water is the base ingredient for many drug products. It is also used in cleaning the equipment and to alter the makeup of other drugs. Like other substance, water carries pathogens, minerals and other contaminants that can actually change the composition of the drug. Bacteria within the water can cause illness in the...

Three Factors to Consider in Purchasing Foreign Supplies

It is common knowledge that the issues a company faces in foreign markets can affect the pricing and availability of goods in the U.S. however, that isn’t what’s on most people’s minds when they go to purchase goods. In today’s global market, sometimes even a small problem can have a...

3 Main Sources of Food Contamination

Salmonella in eggs, E-coli bacteria in ground beef, and pesticides in infant formula are just a few contaminations since the turn of the century that have ravaged the food supply and crippled the food processing and manufacturing industries. Eagle Technologies and other equipment manufacturers work hard to ensure that the...


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