Joining parts through welding forms the strongest and most stable bond between two components, without the excess weight, bulk, and material costs of fastening parts. With factory automation technology, this process can happen quickly and efficiently, and with lower risk to operators.

Our welding technology uses advanced robotics to fuse components together with speed and accuracy. This solution is ideal for large components that cannot easily be moved from station to station, or for high-volume components where the demand for output is high.

At Eagle, we have developed expertise in several types of welding, from precision laser welding to eco-friendly friction welding, and have advanced testing technology to ensure the finished quality of each part. Contact us about your project, and we will discuss the solution to fit your design requirements.


Some parts require a custom welding solution to ensure precise joining, especially of delicate materials, or of components that fit together at an awkward angle. Our laser welding technology provides the solution.

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Friction welding fuses components together by pressing them together and then moving one of the two components at high speed to generate heat. It can be used to weld different materials together, and does not require a filler metal, leading to lower costs.

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  • Mig
  • Plasma
  • Resistance
  • Solder
  • Tig
  • Ultrasonic

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