Friction welding is a solid-state welding process that relies on the heat generated by friction between two components rather than on an external fuel source. These welds can be created in a matter of seconds, and allow different materials to be joined together, such as aluminum and high-strength steels. Welds created in this method are strong, safe, and efficient, leading to less waste and reduced expense—ideal for a range of industries, including aerospace and automotive.

Our friction welding designs require fewer machine components to assemble, and require less build-out time. Because the joint is created using friction, no other filler metals are required, saving costs on raw materials. The elimination of a fuel source makes it an eco-friendly method, while also reducing harmful fumes.

Friction welding is a preferred method for many industrial parts, including jet engine turbines, driveline assemblies, and hydraulic piston rods. We have experience incorporating this technique into a range of automations, and can work with your engineering team to find the right application for your situation.


  • IndraMotion MLD platform with integrated motion logic control
  • IndraDrive digital intelligent servo drives with Safety on Board and Safe Motion functionality
  • Synchronous IndraDyn servo motor with absolute Hiperface encoder
  • SERCOS III Ethernet
  • Durable Ball Screw and Ball Rail® assemblies
  • VCP Series touchscreen HMI

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